Fons Vitae Society

What is the Fons Vitae Society?

In the Old Testament and in the New Testament, the symbol of water is frequently used to portray the mysterious flowing of God's love for us as we strive to serve Him and give Him glory.

It was in this sign that the Diocese of Brooklyn established the Fons Vitae Society. The word Fons is Latin and means a "Fountain" or "a source." The word Vitae means "of life." The Society title, in English, is "the Fountain of Life Society."

Jesus established His Church as a living organism - "The Mystical Body." Its life (Vita) is spiritual and is sustained by Jesus. The source of the Church's life is the redeeming grace of Jesus, which flows through the whole body. The life that is the means through which Christ grows in society is sustained by a cellular composition of Diocese comprised of Parishes. Both of these elements in Christ's plans are needed.

The Fons Vitae Society was established to honor Christ as the real source of our everlasting life.

The Fons Vitae Society enables its members to thank God for all He has given us, both spiritual and material. It also allows us to continue to help, beyond our own physical life, the mission of the Mystical Body of Christ. Truly, it is the Fountain of Life for our Church and for us.

The Grateful recognition of your Church.

Our ancestors built the Church in this country, often with the sweat of their brow, by donating their time and their talents in the trades. Their legacy endures today through the ministries carried out in the churches and schools they built. The Fons Vitae Society provides an opportunity for us to take our place beside our ancestors, to leave our mark, our legacy of faith. It is one way for us, like Brooklyn and Queens area Catholics of yesterday, to contribute to this great Church for generations to come.

The Society acknowledges the many members and friends of the Diocese of Brooklyn for their intention to remember the diocese, its parishes, schools, and special ministries or a combination, in their estate plans.